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Five years ago, in the inception phases of Verse, founder Shelley Lee wrote a letter to her future customers which continues to be a timeless reminder of the intention behind the brand's foundational principles.

The letter informed the mood for the AW22 shot by Anke Loots:


'Feel bold feel strong feel divine
Move effortlessly through your day accomplishing all you have set out to do in this world
Let your Verse piece be there to assist you in carrying the things you need on your journey
And feel optimistic knowing that your support keeps the dreams alive of those who lovingly made it
for you'





Photographer — Anke Loots
Styling and Art Direction — Shelley Lee
Models — Robin from Topco Models and Jade from Boss Models
Wooden elements — Duchenne Cabinetry
Hair and Make up — Carla Gersie

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