Black Wallet

R 250


Fold out wallet
Four compartments for cards / rolled up cash


Most goods on sale are considered 'imperfect': there's a small defect that means it can't be sold at full price. In some cases the product is 100%, but it is the last of a range (for example).

If it's something noticeable while worn, there will be a clear description/photo. I have not added any products to the sale that I don't think a customer will be happy with upon arrival.

The actual product has been photographed where possible, unless many of that style are available.

I am always happy to refund you if you are unsatisfied (excl. all shipping fees), So please feel safe shopping knowing this, but bear in mind sale pieces are on sale for a reason as described above.

Feel free to pop an email if you have a specific query, I will get to them as soon as possible.

Thank you so much 

With love


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