Midnight Navy Philo

R 1,000 R 1,680


We have two midnight Philos available both of which experienced some sun damage: they have a faint line down the one side that is slightly lighter in colour than the rest of the bag.

Please refer to photo to get an idea, the discolouration is not noticeable when worn, only when inspected closely.

Large handbag in bovine leather
Carry: cross-body, long shoulder, short shoulder & hand

- Magnetic closure
- Width: 180 cm
- Height: 295 cm
- Depth: 180 cm
- Short strap drop (one length): 210 cm
- Long strap drop (max setting): 540 cm
- Long strap drop (min setting): 420 cm


Most goods on sale are considered 'imperfect': there's a small defect that means it can't be sold at full price. In some cases the product is 100%, but it is the last of a range (for example).

If it's something noticeable while worn, there will be a clear description/photo. I have not added any products to the sale that I don't think a customer will be happy with upon arrival.

The actual product has been photographed where possible, unless many of that style are available.

I am always happy to refund you if you are unsatisfied (excl. all shipping fees), So please feel safe shopping knowing this, but bear in mind sale pieces are on sale for a reason as described above.

Feel free to pop an email if you have a specific query, I will get to them as soon as possible.

Thank you so much 

With love


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