to help you take photos of the things you love

Camera Strap

Camera Strap

R 560


Leather camera strap with rope detail
Suitable for film/digital cameras
Includes two small keyrings to fit any camera

Carry: cross body or around neck

Maximum length: 120 cm
Minimum length: 100 cm
Thickness at neck: 3 cm
Quick release hooks at ends

Available in coal, blue-moon and dune

Our Newest style

Philo Bag

Philo Bag

R 1,680


Large handbag in bovine leather
Carry: cross-body, long shoulder, short shoulder & hand

- Magnetic closure
- Width: 180 cm
- Height: 295 cm
- Depth: 180 cm
- Short strap drop (one length): 210 cm
- Long strap drop (max setting): 540 cm
- Long strap drop (min setting): 420 cm



VERSE exists as a homage-to and celebration-of the carefully handmade. Hand stitched leather pieces are made with feminine energy in mind, and with love given to the concepts of functionality and timelessness.

Shelley Lee, creative director and founder, started this journey in 2018 and the production team has since grown to include Chiweshe Clever and Babra Sibanda. Creating the pieces in-house means quality is maintained, and artisinal jobs are created; both core founding principles of the brand.

A forever-passion for poetry, film, fynbos and fashion meets a life-long commitment to artisanship, design and community upliftment creating products that will last: a verse to join you in the story of your life.