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The SOL Collection

This season we explore thoughtful silhouettes, sculptural form and the interplay of texture. Capturing the allure of a perpetual summer, each luxury leather handbag is a vessel to accompany you on your sundrenched and moonlit adventures.


carry the warmth of the sun

In the Solstice bag, pure, sculptural forms echo the delicate curvature of a clam shell. Each fold and contour of our newest artisanal leather handbag is a poetic reflection of the ocean, celebrating the elegance inherent in the natural world. 



vessels for your seaside tales

Produced in collaboration with Mia Melange, the Vessel and Ola bags are a marriage of simple yet luxurious textures, with thick leather straps designed to be intuitively wrapped and knotted on the body.

Each piece stands as a testament to the dedication and passion of our local artisans, telling a story of craftsmanship and collaboration.


Infused with day-to-night alchemy, each piece from the SOL collection is designed to seamlessly transition from the warmth of a beach day to the hushed allure of a moonlit dinner —a companion for the adventurous soul.