The brand's name alludes to the verses, mantras, affirmations and prose that discreetly adorn the pieces made therein. These defining marks add the weight of meaning to each design.

"In this way, we hope to continue the whispered conversation between maker and wearer at unknowable intervals in the future. The romantic in me imagines someone glancing down at their wallet during a particularly unsatisfying day, and finding a moment of reprieve in the markings that remind them to be kind, to be gentle."  


Our cowhide leather is sourced from local South African tanneries and is a byproduct of our local farming and agricultural industries. Leather is currently the best way to up-cycle the resulting hides, saving around 7.3million tonnes from landfill globally. The leather industry has established certified standards that our local tanneries adhere to, with both planet and people in mind.

"There is a certain poetry to leather as it begins to evolve, soften and wear; collecting a patina that speaks to the life it has led. With time objects build character, I have always felt this is when they become their most beautiful.‚ÄĚ