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Don't overload your bag, as this will stretch the leather out. 

If your bag gets wet somehow, firstly don’t worry, and then don’t apply heat. Allow the leather to dry naturally. 

Ideally, keep your leather bag away from dirty liquids and surfaces. If however a stain does occur, we recommend getting a leather specialist to take a look - they will know how to treat individual stains on specific leathers, and will be able to do so without damaging the leather.

Scuffs and scratches can be quickly and simply treated by dampening a clean fingertip and gently applying to the marking on the leather, working a circular motion.

Leather breaks in beautifully over time, developing what is known as a patina. A hallmark of a high quality genuine leather product, a patina is a soft sheen that develops on the surface of the leather imparting character and personality.

If a stitch ever snags on something & comes loose, simply burn the thread with a lighter, this will prevent it from coming further undone. Because we use a traditional saddle stitch and wax thread, your bag won’t rip open.

Don’t allow your bag to bask in the sun: sunlight can begin to fade the colour of the leather after long periods of time.

For long term care and maintenance, please consult a leather care professional.